Monday, October 24, 2016

The Shops of The Antique Mile: Porch & Twig

Porch & Twig
7201 4th St NW

Combine a store with creative styling, funky retro finds, an urban vibe with a green thumb, and you get Porch & Twig.  It’s trendy vintage at its finest!

The store is a vintage garage, which was creatively converted into an industrial and far- style space with lots of indoor plants and greenery.  It also has a colorful backyard with lots of rusty garden things. 

Wood crates and old metal candle sticks sit along industrial  metal letters, vintage oil cans and a functioning bath tub and water trough ponds. It’s so charming and earthy all at the same time.

Porch & Twig specializes in vintage and up-cycled pieces of furniture and accessories with new and trendy uses.   Genres include industrial, cottage, farm, mid-century, rustic, outdoor and so much more. All merchandise is hand-selected and displayed with a designer's eye.

Stop and visit Porch & Twig. You just might find your eyes widen with delight, your face light up with a smile, and your heart sing a little song!
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