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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Decorating DO’s and DON’Ts

an article from Victoria Magazine

“A house is made of walls and beams; a home is built with love and dreams.” – Dr. William A. Ward

Decorating a living space is among the most satisfying endeavors we can undertake.  Every step throughout the process has its own rewards, and often the crowning achievement is realizing what is most important to our sense of well-being.

DON’T purchase small scale furniture and accessories because you feel your rooms are small.  This often results in a dollhouse look.

DO invest in larger-scale pieces to fool the room into feeling bigger.

DON’T overdo the window treatments.  Overly fussy swags, jabots, ruffles, and trims can end up looking theatrical.

DO remember less is more when it comes to window dressing.  The treatment should not distract from a beautiful view outdoors, treatments are meant to soften the transition from indoors to out.

DON’T hang mirrors in places where they DON’T reflect anything worth showcasing.  For example, a mirror hung high over a fireplace mantel reflecting a ceiling fan is dizzying.

DO hang mirrors where they reflect light, expand a small space, or reflect a treasured arrangement or collection.

DON’T purchase art solely to match a room’s colors and style.  A contemporary, colorful abstract can be unexpectedly beautiful in muted tones of a traditional space. 

DO make your purchasing decisions based on art you love.  Select pieces that make you feel serene or happy. Whether it’s a grand oil painting or small pencil sketch, hang it and enjoy it.
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